Name Nutreco Home Country Netherlands (OECD member) Sector Food, Agriculture and Tobacco
Since 3 June 1997, Nutreco has been listed at Euronext N.V. Amsterdam. Nutreco is included in the Amsterdam Midkap Index (AMX). As at 31 December 2008, the market capitalisation of Nutreco amounted to approximately EUR 806 million. As at year-end 2008, a total number of 34,868,682 ordinary shares had been issued. Of these shares, 589,624 are held in treasury by Nutreco. In 2008 Nutreco repurchased 699,374 shares, mainly to cover the share and option plans for employees and the stock dividend. In 2008 the Company issued 99,015 shares from the treasury stock upon exercise of share and option plans by Nutreco employees, 563,534 shares for the stock dividend and 17,218 shares under the employee share participation plan.

Subsidiaries named in a case Marine Harvest Chile SA.

Contact Information

Address Head office:
Prins Frederiklaan 4
3818 KC Amersfoort
P.O. Box 299, 3800 AG Amersfoort
Telephone 31 (0)33 422 6100
Fax +31 (0)33 422 6101 Email