PepsiCo Inc

Name PepsiCo Inc Home Country US (OECD member) Sector Food, Agriculture and Tobacco
The PepsiCo challenge -- to keep up with archrival The Coca-Cola Company -- never ends for the world's #2 carbonated soft-drink maker. PepsiCo's soft drinks (including Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Slice) make up about one-quarter of its sales. (Bottling operations are run independently.) PepsiCo also owns Frito-Lay, the world's #1 maker of snacks such as corn chips (Doritos, Fritos) and potato chips (Lay's, Ruffles, WOW!). PepsiCo also sells Tropicana orange juice brands and Gatorade sports drink and water. Also under PepsiCo is the #1 US bottled water (Aquafina), Dole juices (licensed), Lipton ready-to-drink tea, and Rold Gold pretzels.

Subsidiaries named in a case Frito-Lay Poland Ltd.