Name ISS A/S Abbreviation ISS Home Country Denmark (OECD member) Sector Healthcare
International Service Systems ISS is a Danish company providing facilities services including cleaning, catering, and services for hospitals and older people’s care homes. It works in a range of sectors and operates through the following divisions:
• Cleaning and maintenance - office cleaning for private and public sectors
• Services for the health sector - targeted at hospitals and other institutions within the health sector
• Services for the food industry
• Services for airports
Other business areas include: Canteen/catering services; energy/industrial high tech services; property services, care services and after-damage service.

Facility services represent 87% of sales in 2000/1. Hospital services contribute 14% of sales. Over 80% of hospital sales take place in Europe. ISS hospital services are distributed within Europe as follow: Germany 30%, UK 29%, Netherlands 6%, Central Europe 5%, Denmark 5%, Switzerland 5%, France 4%, Sweden 4%, Belgium 3%, Others 9%.

Create 2005 is a new 5 year vision launched in November 2000. It develops service concepts from multi-services to facility services, leading to integrated facility services. Separate business areas are being managed across country borders. The development of the facilities services package is most developed in the UK. Specialisation of cleaning concepts is most developed in Germany. ISS has also lost several contracts with the public sector in Denmark due to poor standards of delivery.

ISS Facility Services SA

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Subsidiaries named in a case Dinamarca

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