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for Multinational Enterprises

Recommendations for Responsible Business Conduct in a Global Context

Closing Global Governance Gaps

The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises are recommendations on responsible business conduct that are drawn up and implemented by governments. Most recently updated in 2011, they are comprehensive in scope covering disclosure, human rights, employment and industrial relations, environment, combating bribery, consumer interests, science and technology, competition and taxation. The Guidelines are one of the few international instruments available to help close governance gaps. They apply to all entities of the multinational company (MNC) as well as business partners including suppliers, sub-contractors and franchises.

Governments that have signed the Guidelines are required to set up a National Contact Point (NCP) to promote and implement the Guidelines, including handling cases concerning breaches of the Guidelines by MNCs headquartered in countries that have signed the Guidelines. To date 48 governments have signed the Guidelines and trade unions have submitted 191 cases.

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Trade Union Use of the Guidelines
I. Concepts and Principles 18 9.4%
II. General Policies 56 29.3%
III. Disclosure 14 7.3%
IV. Human Rights 26 13.6%
V. Employment and Industrial Relations 167 87.4%
VI. Environment 8 4.2%
VII. Combating Bribery 5 2.6%
VIII. Consumer Interests 5 2.6%
IX. Science and Technology 0 0.0%
X. Competition 1 0.5%
XI. Taxation 4 2.1%